Shirakatsy Lyceum students have gained knowledge on RE and EE

Series of training titled “Energy Saving and Efficiency: The Role of “Bright Border” project” launched in high schools.

On March, 16 the consecutive training in the framework of the “Bright Border” project of the Armenian Energy Agency foundation took place in “Shirakatsy Lyceum” International Scientific-Educational Complex.

About 11 students, with previously submitted interest, had the opportunity to receive quality information on the Armenian Energy Sector, the overall development prospects of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, as well as to be part of capacity-building efforts on the topic of the advantages of LED lighting as an energy-saving tool.

Participants of the training got acquainted with the “Bright Border” project and its accomplishments and gained knowledge on the importance of corporate social responsibility.

In the near future groups of volunteers consisting of trained students will be given the opportunity to participate in awareness-raising events and installation of LED lamps in frontier communities.

From December 1, 2018, until May 31, 2019, the “Bright Border” project of the AEA foundation will be executed with the sub-grant implemented in the frames of Bridge4CSOs project led by AGBU in partnership with EPF and funded by the European Union.

Upcoming results of the project are the following:

  • 1200 LEDified households (6000 LED lamps);
  • 590 thousand kWh annual energy savings;
  • 26 million AMD annual utility cost savings;
  • 260 tons of CO2 annual emissions reduced;
  • Capacity-building of more than 100 beneficiaries;
  • Awareness raising among more than 5000 beneficiaries.

The results of the “Bright Border” project

More than 5000 households from 27 frontier communities were already provided with over 25 000 high-quality LED lamps, which underwent laboratory testing and are offered with a 3-year warranty. Average energy savings of 27 communities account to 3.750 million kWh (150 million AMD).

“Bright Border” project was launched in November 2016, firstly as a social-voluntary initiative. Since June 2018, the project is under the coordination of “Armenian Energy Agency” foundation as a charity project.

The project’s scope includes the 37 vulnerable communities listed by the RA Government Decision of 15 January 2015 N 30-Ն “On confirming the list of frontier communities with land unutilized because of military action, where activities are tax-exempt”.

The partner of Bright border project is ”Young Engineering Association” NGO.

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