Residents of Movses village will save more electricity

Volunteers of the Bright Border initiative have installed five free of charge LED bulbs in every household in the border village Movses. As the initiative reported in a release, four American-Armenians have joint the volunteers to replace the bulbs aimed at soothing the burden of electricity charges and showcase the possibilities of affordable electricity to the residents.

“Bright Border” has already lit the homes of 11 villages in Armenia and Artsakh. Currently, the amount of money raised totals approximately 21 million and 423 thousand AMD with which about 10925 LED bulbs have been purchased. Thus, many families now save up to 4000 AMD in monthly electricity expenses. The goal of the initiative is to provide energy-efficient bulbs to border villages in Armenia and Artsakh and through its charitable campaign ease the burden of border village residents by reducing their monthly expenses for electricity consumption.

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