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“Bright Border” is a volunteer initiative, which, by means of installing free of charge LED technology enabled bulbs in the remote communities of border villages of the Republic of Armenia, aims to inform the public about saving methods with affordable energy-efficient technologies while enabling long-term actual savings and soothing the burden of electricity chargesCalculations show that the payback period of a LED lamp is 2.5 months, it ensures savings of 24,000 AMD during its 36-month warranty and lasts more than 10 years (~80,000 AMD saved).

“Bright Border” is under coordination of the “Armenian Energy Agency” foundation since 2018.

From December 2018 to May 2019 the project was financed by AGBU. The sub-grant was funded by the European Union and implemented in the frames of Bridge4CSOs project led by AGBU in partnership with EPF.



More than 6000 households have been LEDified

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In the recent stage of the Bright Border project Koti and Berdavan border villages of the Tavush region have been LEDified. In total, 1350 families have received 6750 LED lamps. Before the ledification, we held a training series on the energy system and energy efficiency in 8 educational institutions for 195 students, as well as 5 round-table discussions with 95 beneficiaries.
From December, 2018 to May, 2019 the “Bright Border” project was implemented with grant financing. The sub-grant is funded by the European Union and implemented in the frames of Bridge4CSOs project led by AGBU in partnership with EPF.