“Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC has donated 10,300,000 AMD

The “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC has contributed to the implementation of the “Bright Border” project with a generous donation of 10,300,000 AMD which provides more than 47 mln 906 thousand AMD annual savings on electricity bills (annual energy savings of 1,065,065 kWh) in the frontier villages. The project beneficiaries, the 2,169 families in frontier communities have received a long-term investment in energy efficiency in the form of 10,845 LED lamps․

The Republic of Armenia has a target increase of energy efficiency of 37.6% by the year 2020.

As a result of the Project, more than 5,000 families from 27 border villages have already received 25,000 high quality, laboratory tested LED lamps with a three-year service warranty. On average, annual energy savings within these 27 communities total over 3,750 million kWh (150 million drams).

In the forthcoming term, it is expected that 1200 more households in frontier communities will be LEDified. The 6000 LED lamps provided to the villages will ensure more than 26 million 504 thousand AMD annual savings on electricity bills (energy savings of 589,248 kWh per year). The “Bright Border” initiative is one of the key directions at the Agency aimed at Household Poverty Mitigation.

The Armenian Energy Agency is implementing the “Bright Border” program with a new approach to addressing social issues, implementing capital investments and capacity building. Currently, the project is unique in its direction and scope for this type of strategy within the Republic of Armenia.

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