Bright Border: summarizing LEDification and youth involvement

The event highlighted our achievements and triumphs. On May 31, we held a summary event for the “Bright Border” charity project current stage. Highlighting the achieved results, we celebrated our joint efforts with educational institutions, signing MoU’s. The event hosted the leading personnel of universities and high schools that during panel discussions, spoke about the importance of such projects in fostering social responsibility among student, also educating on the energy system and energy efficiency.  

The event also welcomed the community head of Noyemberyan, Karen Abazyan, Felix Melikyan of Koti and Gevorg Vracyan of Berdavan. They mentioned the importance of the project for the community reidents both in its financial and moral-psychological support. The LED lamps have already proven resource-efficient. In the words of Mr. Melikyan, with such projects the rural community feels stronger and more protected. Mr. Vracyan deems vtal the established connection between urban and rural youth. 

The educational institutions all received acknowledgement letters from the Agency and the students received volunteering certificates. 
Koti and Berdavan villages were LEDified in this stage of the project. 
1350 households received 6750 LED lamps. Before the LEDification we held raining sessions on energy efficiency and renewable energy in 8 educational institutions, with 195 students, as well as 5 roundtable discussions with 95 participants.  
From December 1, 2018, until May 31, 2019, the “Bright Border” project will be executed with the sub-grant implemented in the frames of Bridge4CSOs project led by AGBU in partnership with EPF and funded by the European Union. 

The partner of Bright border project is ”Young Engineering Association” NGO. 

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