“Bright border” – LED street lights to be installed in bordering villages of Armenia

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 9, ARMENPRESS. The charity project entitled “Bright border” is being launched in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. Under the project, LED street lights will be installed in bordering settlements of Armenia and NKR.

During a ceremony dedicated to the launch of the project, deputy minister of energy infrastructure and natural resources Hayk Harutyunyan noted they are willing to popularize the use of LED lights in Armenia through the efforts of several organizations and individuals.

“These lamps spend ten times less power, and are valid up to 10 years. On average, the installation expenses will be returned during 2 months. Moreover, electricity tariff decreases by 30-60 percent a month due to these lamps”, he said. According to the deputy minister, a similar and highly successful project has been implemented in Astghashen village, NKR in 2015.

Harutyunyan says a fundraiser has been initiated for the project, and after raising the sum the tender for supply of the lamps will be announced.

At the initial stage of the project LED street lights will be installed in 10 villages.

Overall, LED lamps will be installed in 33 villages and Tchambarak city. The project also includes Nagorno Karabakh.

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